Baralaba Mine Projects

Baralaba Complex

The Baralaba Complex consists of Baralaba Coal Company Limited's Baralaba North Mine, Baralaba Central Mine and Baralaba South Project. 

Historically, Baralaba Coal Company Limited owned and operated the Baralaba Central mine since 2008, with operations in the pit being finalised in October 2014. All equipment and personnel was transitioned to the Baralaba North Mine, as ramp up to 1Mtpa of PCI (Pulverised Coal Injection) coal continued.

The Baralaba North Mine is located in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland, approximately 115km west of Rockhampton and 210km west of Port of Gladstone. 

The Baralaba North Mine is an open-cut, truck and shovel mining operation.

PCI coal and residual thermal coal are produced from multiple seams from the well-known Baralaba Coal Measures. Product coal is currently transported via road trains to a rail load out facility east of Moura. All Baralaba coal is exported through the Port of Gladstone and used for steel making and energy production.

Baralaba Operations

Baralaba Coal Company Limited and three of its subsidiary companies; Wonbindi Coal Pty Ltd, Baralaba Coal Pty Ltd & Cockatiel Coal Pty Ltd were placed in Voluntary Administration as of 16 November 2015 with PPB Advisory engaged as Administrators.   The mine continued its “business as usual” operations until 8 February 2016 when  the Administrators informed employees that it had become necessary to place the Baralaba Mine into “care and maintenance” mode which ultimately saw the cessation of mining operations at the mine site as of that day. Operations will recommence when conditions become more favourable.

Mine Production

Baralaba Coal Company Limited's Baralaba operations achieved a calendar year output of approximately 750,000 tonnes. This output has steadily been increasing as operations transition from the exhausted Baralaba Central pit, to the new Baralaba North pit. The production profile is expected to increase in coming quarters towards the 1 million tonne per annum production target. 

  March 2015
June 2015
September 2015 Quarter

December 2015 Quarter

ROM coal (tonnes) 131,487 182,871 219,547 191,528
Overburden (bcm) 2,679,373 3,158,198 2,431,028 3,221,815