Baralaba Coal Company Limited recognises that sustainable exploration and development underpins everything we do. We are proud to be a part of the communities in which we operate. Community engagement and consultation is a cornerstone of Baralaba Coal Company Limited’s business to ensure the company and community can maximise the synergies between them.

We are committed to engaging with the community through ongoing consultation. Community Consultation is a two-way communication process which aims to give the local community opportunities to contribute to decisions which affect them. Baralaba Coal Company Limited's intention is to have a process to facilitate sharing of ideas and concerns, in a mutually respectful way.

The community has a range of experiences and views which are valued by Baralaba Coal Company Limited. Acknowledging that community has a right to have informed input into the project will improve the relationship between the project team and the community.

Underpinning our commitment to effective engagement is mutual respect.

Baralaba Coal Company Limited is committed to;

  • Honest and straightforward dealings with our communities and stakeholders.
  • Providing accurate and timely information to our communities and stakeholders.
  • Actively listening and acknowledging other points of view.
  • Respecting individual and cultural differences at all times.
Baralaba Coal Company Limited will engage with the community and stakeholders;
  • Where community and stakeholder input can improve a project or enhance decision making.
  • To provide opportunities for feedback and acknowledge.
  • To help identify community needs.
  • When required by law or by agreement with a government agency or statutory body.


In recent time, Baralaba Coal Company Limited has sought to maintain a relationship with communities by providing ongoing information and consultation.  Importantly, we encourage our employees to live and work locally.  Being a part of the communities in which we operate is a key focus area for the company.